Video: Obama phones it in for Coakley

Behold the palpable excitement of The One at being dragged into yet another state race on behalf of yet another almost impossibly awful Democratic candidate. This isn’t as terrible an idea as it seems: It’s not running on TV, where it would irritate independents, but merely online and in the inboxes of liberals on OFA’s mailing list. Everything depends on turnout, remember, so this should help get a few extra O-bots out to the polls. Besides, even Rasmussen found 52 percent support for ObamaCare among Massachusetts likely voters, so a pitch explicitly premised on passing the bill isn’t insane. Although it sure is hard to square with watching Brown’s numbers rise day by day as he runs around telling anyone who’ll listen that he’ll be the 41st vote to kill it.

To show you how much firepower the left has been forced to use on this race, note that Obama’s only the second Democratic president to weigh in. The Clenis has already booked his ticket to campaign with Coakley on Friday. All we need now is some CGI animation of JFK and St. Teddy in heaven with Jesus talking about how people should, er, ah, vote for Mah-tha. (In lieu of that, Teddy’s widow is cutting an ad now too.) Exit question: Hey, did you know that Scott Brown actually owns a time-share? Bastard.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on June 04, 2023