Freakishly hulking slugger: Oh yeah, I used steroids when I broke the home run record

And so a shoe that’s been hanging in mid-air for more than 10 years finally drops, due largely to his being named Cardinals hitting coach and wanting to put the rumors behind him. Two clips for you here, one brief one of McGwire talking to Costas about ‘roiding up since the early 90s and the other of his longtime manager, Tony LaRussa, insisting that he’s shocked, shocked to find steroid-taking going on in here. My favorite line from McGwire’s interviews today: “I wish I had never played during the steroid era,” a statement that’s downright Edwards-esque in its creepy ability to pass responsibility for one’s moral failings onto others.

The most painful detail? He phoned Roger Maris’s widow today and had to explain that he broke her dead husband’s record by cheating his ass off. Exit question: 12-time All-Star, 583 home runs. Hall of Famer? After this, I say no. Click the image to watch.