Domino's executives: Why yes, our pizza is was terrible; Update: Domino's reviewed!

Probably the most amazing corporate ad I’ve ever seen. There’s no ducking the rough stuff: All the familiar criticisms, including and especially the “cardboard” complaint, are duly confronted. I hadn’t heard about it until Jonah Goldberg wrote about it today as a metaphor for the GOP, as a lesson in how sometimes when a certain critical mass of popular disapproval is reached, it’s time to go back and reinvent the recipe. Er, isn’t that what Michael “I’m a tea partier too” Steele is trying to do?

I haven’t ordered from there in years, but the ad, combined with the coveted Lileks endorsement, has convinced me. Dude, this is happening.

Update: The deed is done. I ordered the 14-inch hand-tossed bacon cheeseburger pie. The bacon was bacon-y, the crust was garlicky, the sauce was … okay. It wasn’t cardboard — the texture was plenty soft enough — and while it was a bit thicker than the local pies, that was okay by me. Verdict: A solid B+, definitely worth ordering again to try the thin crust. My chief complaint is the price. At $17 after tax, it was a few dollars more expensive than the neighborhood joints. But the topping variety was worth it. I think.