Pelosi: We're "very close" to a deal with the Senate on ObamaCare

Nine months ago, the quarterly party identification gap was 13 points. Now it’s five. Fully 67 percent of likely voters say that their congressman doesn’t represent their best interests. Democratic consultants are whispering to lefty blogs that they genuinely fear losing the House.

None of it matters. You’ll eat this crap sandwich and like it.

“We’ve had a very intense couple of days,” Pelosi said. “After our leadership meeting this morning, our staff engaged with the Senate and the administration staff to review the legislation, suggest legislative language. I think we’re very close to reconciliation.”…

House Democrats are reluctant to abandon elements of their legislation favored by liberals but rejected by Senate moderates, but face doing just that. That means no new government insurance plan, which the House wanted but the Senate omitted, and changes to the House’s preferred payment scheme. The House wants to raise income taxes on individuals making more than $500,000 and couples over $1 million. The Senate would slap a new tax on high-cost insurance plans. Although the Obama administration supports the Senate’s insurance tax as a cost-saver, labor unions, which contribute heavily to Democratic candidates, oppose it.

According to the AP, The One’s ready to tell the House to suck it up on that latter point too. There’s only one thing that stands between us and ObamaCare now, my friends: Blanche Lincoln’s terrible, terrible poll numbers. Er, I mean Blanche Lincoln’s inspiring devotion to governmental ethics.

Dude, I think it’s over.