New Dem master plan for North Dakota: Let's nominate a guy even further left than Byron Dorgan

Via Newsbusters, an idea even more insane than Chris Dodd for Treasury. Help me figure this out: Dorgan, a three-term incumbent, was getting crushed in early polls thanks in part to the political toxicity of ObamaCare, so the state party’s answer is to nominate … an ObamaCare booster who thinks Chris Matthews isn’t sufficiently liberal? I’ve been thinking about it since this morning and can’t come up with an explanation. Yeah, Schultz is a native North Dakotan and probably has higher name recognition than the average Democratic schmoe there, but how is that some game-changing asset in a red state? My theory: They know they’re going to lose badly and need a sacrificial lamb, and they figure Schultz might offer himself to the knife in return for all the free media it’ll bring him. At the very least, he could be useful to the party as a clownish Grayson-esque attack dog ahead of the midterms. If the seat’s a lost cause, might as well get what you can from it by handing him a megaphone.

Exit question: Does the GOP actually have a shot at taking back the Senate? (Exit answer: No.)