Video: Is it time for airport security to start profiling?

I assume they mean racial profiling — if they mean religious, how do you prove that a suspected jihadi is Muslim when he says he’s Christian? — but if so, this is a singularly bad case for that argument. For one thing, one of the likely reasons AQ chose Abdulmutallab for the mission is because he doesn’t fit the typical Arab/Pakistani racial profile. For another, the whole point this incident is that we didn’t need to profile him: As with Nidal Hasan, there were endless red flags pointing to his jihadist tendencies. Tapper rattled off a bunch of them tonight on ABC News; add in the fact that Abdulmutallab was granted a visa by AQ’s new favorite hot spot, a.k.a. Yemen, sometime over the summer and there’s no way he should have gotten on the plane, whether white, black, Arab, Asian, or what have you.

Surprised to find AC an opponent of the whole-body image scanning too. None of us want a TSA guard checking out our junk, but if it’s between that and Undibombers, oh well. Exit question: The Democrat here has never heard anyone describe Andrew Sullivan as liberal? When was the last time he read Sullivan? 2001?