Video: The belated yet obligatory "Lt. Col. Allen West rallies the base" clip

I caught his interview last night with Hannity and thought for sure we’d posted the viral vid of him rallying a crowd of conservatives in Florida a few months ago, but nope. Somehow it slipped through the cracks. Here it is, several weeks late, along with the Hannity clip. Most of you will already be familiar with the story of his military discharge so let’s focus on his congressional run instead: Last year, facing a national Democratic hurricane, he lost by 10 points to Ron Klein. This year, as a blossoming tea-party icon, he’s got a Republican hurricane behind him. Toss in the earned media he’s going to get from people like Hannity and Beck and he’s basically running the same race in the same state as Marco Rubio. How’s that working out thus far?

The campaign website is here in case you’re moved to donate.

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