Gallup: Obama's approval rating now at ... 47/46

They’ve had him below 50 before but the spread has never been this narrow.

Barack Obama’s presidential job approval rating is 47% in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update, a new low for his administration to date. His approval rating has been below 50% for much of the time since mid-November, but briefly rose to 52% last week after he announced his new Afghanistan policy.

Afghanistan is just one of many high-profile issues with which the president is dealing. Immediate public reaction to his new Afghanistan policy showed 51% in favor and 40% opposed, according to a Dec. 2 USA Today/Gallup poll…

In the new Dec. 4-6 Gallup Daily results, Obama’s approval rating is 14% among Republicans, 42% among independents, and 83% among Democrats. Compared to his ratings in early November, when he averaged 53% job approval overall, his ratings are down three points among Democrats, seven points among independents, and four points among Republicans.

Feast your eyes on the converging lines. Coupled with the 49/50 he’s pulling in today’s Rasmussen snapshot and the surprise 48/50 in last week’s CNN survey, he’s now underwater in the poll of polls for the first time too: 48.4 percent disapproval versus 47.8 percent approval. Not the place you want to be with crunch time on ObamaCare coming to the Senate. In fact, after skimming Gallup’s weekly demographic breakdown, I see there’s only one group who’s soured on him by as many as nine points since last month. Attention, Blue Dogs:


The problem with analyzing polls about The One, of course, is that he has so much on his plate that it’s hard to tell what people are reacting to. Are conservative Dems peeling away because we’re getting closer to passing O-Care? Because they’re unhappy with his timeline on Afghanistan? Because, as working-class types, they’re fed up with double-digit unemployment? What’s it all about, Alfie?

I’ll tell you what it’s about. Racism.