Finally: The complete Shatner/Limbaugh interview

I called the teaser on ObamaCare surreal, but you know what the most surreal part of this ended up being? The sheer chumminess of it. Not that I expected a kal-if-fee between them over, say, cap and trade, but Shatner could have gone the provocateur’s route here and picked a fight if only to drum up buzz for his show. Instead, they spend very little time talking politics, just a few minutes or so on what conservatism means and how it applies to health care starting at around 5:45. The rest is devoted to growing up and personal struggles, with Rush delving into the agonies of withdrawal near the end.

If you’re pressed for time, I’d suggest watching at around 9:30 for their commiseration on hearing loss. A nice job here by the captain; if he’s smart, he’ll have on other political guests.