Dumb but fun: Time for another "Did Obama give the middle finger?" clip

Comedy gold via Breitbart. These clips are a jolly tradition on righty blogs, dating back to last year’s primary when he supposedly dropped the bird on Hillary and then again during the general when he did it to McCain. I think it’s nuts, but the arguments over whether he did or didn’t are always fun. And actually useful, in a way: You can usually separate the anti-Hopenchange men from the boys based on the individual reactions. Most of the Freepers are already in high dudgeon, needless to say.

Just to get the ball rolling, here’s a fun anecdote about Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan, the recipient of this alleged early Christmas gift from The One. Not only did Callahan back Hillary in the primary, but he made a point of attacking Obama on one of his most infamous Kinsleyan gaffes:

Clinton’s rally is in the gymnasium at Liberty High School. Her team is not exactly expecting a full house. On the left side of the gym, as one faces the stage, there are 25 rows of seats, from floor to ceiling. The Clinton team has put up a big blue curtain and an American flag blocking access beyond the first seven rows; all the seats above that remain empty.

But people pack into the room, after waiting hours to get through Secret Service security points. The gym floor is jammed.

“As I look out on the crowd, I’m not sensing any bitterness,” Bethlehem mayor John Callahan tells the audience.

That was just a few days after Bittergate exploded last year. Now this. Run with it!