Too bad to check: Huckabee "laughed out loud" at complaints about clemencies in 2004?

You have to see it to believe it. The source isn’t some backbiter who claims to have overheard a phone conversation or whatever. It’s one of his own lawyers, responding in official correspondence to a prosecutor who’d politely objected to Huck’s M.O. in granting clemencies. Read it and weep, or LOL, as you prefer. Bear in mind that the whole Wayne Dumond fiasco had already happened by the time this exchange occurred. Dumond was released in 1999, committed the rape in Missouri in 2000, was arrested in 2001, and convicted in 2003, just months before the “laughed out loud” letter was sent.

This goes back to the point I made in the post this afternoon. Never mind Clemmons: Is there nothing he regrets about his overall clemency policy? Even the lulz?

Update: That “laughed out loud” letter reads so badly that I’m searching for alternative explanations. Maybe Herzfeld, the prosecutor, had sent another letter to Huckabee at the time and that was the one Huck’s lawyer was responding to? The proximity of the dates makes that unlikely, but still. It can’t be as bad as this. Can it?

Update: The more I think about it, the more skeptical I get. Would Huckabee really laugh out loud, even in front of his lawyers, given all the grief he’d gotten over Dumond? Would his lawyer really be so stupid as to write something like that in official correspondence regarding something as explosive as clemencies? Huck may have been cavalier about commutations, but he wasn’t politically suicidal. I think.

Update: No, it appears there’s no alternative explanation. Arkansas columnists were writing about this even at the time. Most charitable theory: Huck’s lawyer just made the whole thing up.