Video: Palin, like, totally pwn3d by Canadian comedian or something

Via Think Progress, this one’s making the rounds on liberal blogs but even left-leaning Mediate can’t fathom why (“the video actually acquits Palin quite well”). The politics are elementary: She gets ambushed with a question about a boutique subject, i.e. Canadian health-care policy, and offers a boilerplate answer about carving out space for competition from the private sector (which is precisely what Canada’s been doing, when it’s not busy sending patients it can’t treat over the border for medical care). Ho hum. What makes it worth watching is the fact that the “comedian” actually got close enough to Palin to hit her with a gotcha question — and this is the best she could do. There are literally a million snotty/funny one-liners a talented comic could come up with for Sarahcuda — imagine what Robert Smigel would do with 30 seconds as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog — and these people, who are billed as Canada’s answer to The Daily Show if you can believe it, whiffed on all of them. Merely mentioning Levi Johnston’s bare ass in her presence would have earned an obligatory embarrassment chuckle, but they couldn’t even muster that. Never have I appreciated Jon Stewart more. And I don’t even like Jon Stewart.