Census worker murdered by conservatives not actually murdered by conservatives

Not actually murdered by anyone, in fact: It’s been ruled a suicide. And yet surely we wingnuts are to blame somehow. Perhaps Glenn Beck’s rantings drove him to despair? Or was it frustration at the thought that the lingering mystery surrounding Sarah Palin’s, ahem, “pregnancy” with her son Trig might remain forever unsolved?

A lot of people worked very hard to turn this poor guy’s corpse into a political prop. It’s almost a shame to see so much effort go to waste.

Tests indicated that the letters [in the word “Fed”] were applied from the bottom to the top � not the way an assailant facing Sparkman would write them. Police concluded that Sparkman wrote on himself, Rudzinski said…

Tests ruled out any theory that he was drugged and unconscious when he was tied to the tree, making the lack of signs of a struggle more significant. Also, Sparkman�s glasses were taped to his head. The question that raises is why a killer would care whether Sparkman, who had poor vision, could see what was going on.

On the other hand, if Sparkman was writing on his chest or preparing to kill himself, it would matter that he could see.

And although it is true that Sparkman died of asphyxiation from the rope around his neck, he was not dangling from the tree the way people commonly perceive hanging, Rudzinski said.

His legs were bent at the knee and his knees were less than six inches off the ground, Rudzinski said.

Sparkman could have stood up, taken the pressure off his neck and not died.

The boss wants an apology from liberals, which is understandable given that she was personally blamed by some for Sparkman’s death. But what’s an apology worth if it’s obviously insincere? They get too much political mileage from this sort of demagoguery to truly regret it: For a perfect gloss on this entire pathetic episode, read (or re-read) Jesse Walker’s piece at Reason on how the left exploits violence committed by the fringe to discredit mainstream conservatives. Despite their theatrical hand-wringing about wingnut violence, it’s really not the militia types whom the left is chiefly concerned with; it’s the mainstream non-violent types like Limbaugh, who can mobilize people to beat them at the polls, that need to be neutralized first and foremost. All conservative evildoers act in concert while all liberal evildoers act alone: Who wants or needs an apology from someone who believes that?

In lieu of an apology from anyone, enjoy the comments at DU, where the reality-based community is doing its best to come to grips with reality.