Video: SNL destroys Obama over spending

Not only timely and topical, but genuinely funny. And unlike the last time they hit him hard, this attack comes from the right. Who knew they had it in ’em?

Actually, spending is only a secondary concern here. The chief target is The One’s disintegrating credibility in selling his statist agenda. Never would I have guessed that the great orator’s inability to explain cost savings in ObamaCare would be the subject of late-night mockery this late in the game. No wonder his numbers are at new lows nationally and in the swing state that propelled him to the presidency.

Below the Obama clip you’ll find last night’s obligatory dig at Palin — although even that one’s framed as coming from the DNC and Keith Olbermann, which makes it a double-edged gag about the left’s Palin Derangement Syndrome. Is SNL trending … conservative?