Lincoln warns Reid: Drop the public option or next time I'll filibuster

Today’s moment of truth, courtesy of Greg Hengler. The cave-in comes at the beginning followed by the public-option ultimatum at 3:15. She hit all the points predicted by Jay Cost, i.e. we need reform but maybe not this kind of reform but let’s debate it anyway ’cause I’m a free-thinkin’ moderate, but I’m surprised at how dug in she seemed to be about a public plan. It’ll be hard for her to cave on the next cloture vote having thrown down the gauntlet in a setting as visible as this.

Will today’s “compromise” earn her any goodwill with conservatives? Judging from Palin’s latest tweet, I’m going to guess no:

Not sure I can convince Sen. Lincoln to vote no – but will do everything in my pwr to convince my friends in Arkansas to vote against her.

I was going to give you the clip of Landrieu too, but if she can’t even figure out who it was who first accused her of being bought — hint: not “very partisan Republican bloggers” — then she’s not worth listening to.