Bad news: "Ricky Hollywood" shunned by celebrities at GQ party

You’ve endured enough media coverage of his dumping on Palin that you deserve a little schadenfreude over his “career.” HuffPo’s got the scoop on the GQ party held on Wednesday, the day before he flew home to be at his mom’s sentencing. Turns out real celebrities — and I use the term “real” loosely, given Kim Kardashian’s presence — aren’t keen to hang with a kid whose big life accomplishment thus far is showing off his balls.

Levi, who had on a vest, yellow pocket square and what appeared to be pancake makeup, wandered around the party with both his manager Tank (wearing a diamond earring) and a second beefy gentleman (wearing an earpiece).

And no one cared.

Levi was largely ignored by other guests as he wandered to get a soda (he’s underage) and he checked his Blackberry while Tank hit up the buffet. An hour later, they were gone.

He had on more than pancake make-up. As noted by MKH, his pink lip gloss was understated yet stylish. In fact, the whole look was interesting, really: In this pic, he kind of looks like the Joker’s son. If the Joker’s son wore lip gloss. And was known for not wearing pants.

Here’s some perspective for you from the Behar-verse, where the males in the Palin household who do stay home and take care of their kids are the “bums.” Click the image to watch.


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