New L.A. ACORN sting: Why, sure I'll help you launder money to pimp underaged girls

I should have known better than to doubt Patterico. Fifteen minutes of fun this time; if you can’t spare it, watch the highlight reel at the beginning of clip one and then 90 seconds starting at 1:45 of clip two. That’s where our heroine lets us know just how far she’s willing to go to prove her nonjudgmentalism about child sex slavery. Fair warning, though: If you don’t watch the whole thing, you’ll miss the part where she drops Larry Flynt’s name.

What makes this sting a bit more special than the rest is that the star’s already been featured in connection with the scandal. Patterico’s been needling LA Times columnist James Rainey for weeks over a column he wrote in late September defending ACORN, in which he uncritically accepted the assurances of a certain local employee that there’s no funny business going on in the L.A. office:

No one at Fox apparently bothered to try to verify the fantastical claims of a San Bernardino ACORN worker who said on another video that she had killed her ex-husband. Police have since said her former spouses are alive and well.

And visits to other ACORN offices have gone almost entirely unmentioned. Lavelle Stewart, a fair-housing coordinator in the group’s Los Angeles office, told me this week that she tried to get the “prostitute,” who claimed she had been beaten by her pimp, to go to a women’s center.

“The fact she was not taking the help I offered her made me think something was not right,” Stewart said. “It raised a red flag.”

Meet Lavelle Stewart. Can’t wait for Rainey’s next column.