Radar: More Carrie Prejean videos?

Such is the level of indignation on the right at the left’s nastiness towards her and those who might abet it that I got yelled at by a friend last night for posting this. Now Radar gives us something new, which isn’t the only claim out there that she’s made more than one “biggest mistake of my life.” I understand the defensiveness on her behalf — search the archives and you’ll see that I’ve written plenty in her favor — but I also get Ace’s exasperation:

My problem, instead, is that she has enlisted supporters, such as myself, to support her in her legal/PR campaign, on the theory that the California pageant had nothing legitimate to boot her out on, and that only anti-Christian animus could explain their behavior, when in fact… well, first the photos, which were racy, but I excused and defended. And then, well, the masturbation tape, which I kept quiet about.

And now… the other seven masturbation tapes…

She knew all this stuff was out there, she knew it was coming out, etc., and yet I and many of her supporters have been impressed into duty as her defenders through deception.

Because it wasn’t ever true that there was no reason, save anti-Christian animus, to kick her out of the pageant organization. A masturbation tape is, well. I’m not really offended by it but other pageant-hopefuls have gotten the boot for the same thing, and even a lot less.

So what do I feel about her? I feel she chumped me in order to advance her own legal interests…

Whether she has anything more interesting to say is up to her. But the Perez Hilton/pageant stuff? I really don’t care to hear how unfair it all was anymore. It was unfair, and a book deal was gotten out of that; that’s enough. A book deal can bandage up a lot of wounds.

I’m wondering if he’s in the minority on that or if sentiment is spreading that her defenders, in some way, have been had. I agree with him (and said so yesterday) that the left’s “hypocrisy” charge is overblown, for the simple reason that Christians don’t claim to be perfect. On the contrary, it’s the fact that they’re imperfect and prone to “stray from the path,” as we all are, that draws them towards redemption in the faith. There does, however, come a point where you stray so far from the path or so frequently that your commitment to it comes into question. For example, an atheist in a foxhole might be forgiven for saying a prayer in a moment of panic, while he’s being shot at. An atheist who prays any time he’s in a tough spot … simply ain’t much of an atheist. Has CP reached that point (yet) in Christian/conservative opinion or is her line of credit essentially limitless”?