Early indications: Things looking good in ... New Jersey?

Short and sweet from K-Lo:

Everything the RNC is looking at data-wise right now on New Jersey looks good for Christie.

For what that’s worth hours before the polls close…

For more specifics, read MKH. In sum, everything depends on turnout. Because it’s a blue state, high turnout means trouble, low turnout — and it’s been low so far, especially in bluer districts — means Christie’s got a shot. The CW among conservatives is that Corzine will win narrowly (and indeed, he’s favored at 53 percent at the moment on InTrade) but I’m feeling a rare twinge of optimism fueled by my sheer contempt for him. Jerseyans can’t seriously be ready to reelect this loser. The prospect of it is simply too depressing to contemplate.

As for Christie, he’s making nice with The One in advance by insisting that a win tonight would say nothing about the president’s stature or lack thereof. That’s smart politics from a guy who’s angling to represent a state dominated by Democrats, but no one — least of all the White House — really believes it.

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