Beck: I think a third party's going to win in 2012

I missed this a few days ago but an eagle-eyed Freeper didn’t. Skip ahead to 3:45 for the key section. Technically he says that a third party will win unless the Democrats and GOP get their acts together, but that caveat is meaningless: Does anyone seriously think GB’s going to pronounce either party “cured” and therefore not in need of challenging before 2012? It’s also no mystery who he has in mind to lead the third party that shall save us all. I’ve been droning at you lately about how this is a dangerous idea that’ll end up with a split Republican vote and Democratic victory a la 1992 so I won’t belabor the point; follow that last link for more or read Ace’s recent thoughts about it, including another long post today about how big to make the tent. Sample quote:

To the extent the positions of each respective side get parodized and turned into straw-men, let us have less of that. The maximalists have to stop, stop treating anyone who mentions a legitimate practical-world concern to a maximalist slate of candidates as some sort of sell-out “without principle” and “without integrity.” (Having been on the receiving end of that sort of thing, I can tell you: Insults are not persuasive, and actually only harden one’s position against you.)

And on the pragmatist side of things, we can stop with the bait-ish expressions like “fantasy world” and other statements that imply the maximalist is less than lucid.

More on that later, though: I do think that some of the maximalists are in fact simply dismissing electoral reality as an inconvenience easily ignored, and almost as easily overcome, and we do need to discuss that. But we need more constructive manners of expressing that, I guess, as “fantasy” is taken as offensive.

Further to that boldfaced part, watch to the end here as Beck dismisses Romney as a guy who’ll make deals on spending rather than just cut, cut, cut. How he expects a Republican president to cut, cut, cut when the Democrats will almost certainly have enough Senate seats for a filibuster is beyond me, but that’s one of the things that makes me a “hated RINO” in Ace’s (mock) description.

While we’re talking 2012, John Ziegler’s piece on the likelihood that The One will be reelected is also worth reading. Writes JZ, “For Obama to be really hurt by a poor economy things would have be at least as bad three years from now as they are today. The reality is that, unless this is an unusually long recession, there is almost no chance that there won’t be at least some improvement that his friends in the fourth estate can of course give him all the credit for.” Fair enough, but based on historical trends, so long as unemployment is trending in the right direction on Election Day, reelection is almost assured. The One’s got three years to make that happen; if he does, even the media won’t have to do much pushing.

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