Dirty trick: Dems paying for third-party robocalls in New Jersey

I guess we finally have a solid answer to the question of whether Daggett’s hurting Christie or Corzine more by staying in the race.

The Democratic State Committee now admits paying for a robocall to Somerset County voters that slams Republican Chris Christie and promotes independent gubernatorial candidate Christopher Daggett.

A Democratic spokeswoman says the party’s chairman, Joe Cryan, was not aware of the robocalls when he denied that the state committee had anything to do with them yesterday afternoon.

Cryan, who told PolitickerNJ.com yesterday afternoon that the Democratic State Committee had “absolutely” nothing to do with the call, could not immediately be reached for comment…

Before the Democrats owned up to it, Daggett media advisor Bill Hillsman said the call might be a Republican trick to generate a sympathetic newspaper story.

Since Ed’s post this morning, three new polls have hit the wires: Democracy Corps has Corzine by five, Survey USA has Christie by three, and Monmouth has Corzine by two, with their polling director calling the race one of the most volatile he’s ever seen. All I can say is that I agree wholeheartedly with Capitol Confidential: “It speaks volumes that the Democratic party in New Jersey feels the best use of their resources is to promote a third-party’s candidate instead of their own.” Politically speaking, a Christie win tomorrow would be pure gravy to McDonnell’s walkover in Virginia and a Hoffman upset in NY-23, but on a gut level, it would be deeply depressing to think that a Republican can’t win in a blue state even in a political climate like this with an incumbent as feeble as Corzine. You might as well just cancel the general election going forward and let the Democratic primary decide who the governor is. For god’s sake, Jerseyans, Corzine? Really?

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