Too bad to check: NRCC sending volunteers to help Scozzafava?

Via AmSpec, there’s no hard proof that it’s true but if the GOP’s willing to dump ad money into this sinking ship, why wouldn’t they dump volunteers too?

Not only is the NRCC pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the media campaign of Dede Scozzafava, they’re also organizing and coordinating teams of GOTV volunteers in the district. And they’re picking up the tab.

Our team just finished meeting with a NRCC volunteer named “James” who works out of the Watertown office for the Scozzafava campaign. James informed us that he was sent to Watertown, NY from Washington D.C. as a volunteer for the NRCC. We asked about expenses, and he said the NRCC was paying for everything.

We had a great chat with James and learned that a good portion of the Scozzafava campaign volunteers were indeed brought in from outside of the district.

Like I said earlier, this is probably their way of warning next year’s third-party challengers to expect a fight to the bitter end if they do something as reckless as jumping into a tight race. Fair enough — except that, in this particular case, it’s no longer the conservative who’s killing the Republican’s chance at winning, it’s the Republican who’s killing the conservative’s. And if Hoffman loses by a whisker to the Democrat, don’t think grassroots right-wingers won’t be keenly aware of whose fault it is. The GOP’s playing an increasingly destructive game here.

Are we absolutely sure that Scozzafava is bleeding votes from Hoffman and not Owens, though? By now, most of her conservative supporters have already defected, leaving nothing but a centrist rump in her camp. Which way are those people likely to break if forced to choose — for the Democrat, or for the guy whose supporters have been relentlessly dumping on their candidate of choise as not even worthy of the name RINO? When it comes to her quitting, maybe we should be careful what we wish for.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023