Schwarzenegger sends very special message to legislator who heckled him

Via Ace, it appears to be legit. Quote:


Don’t see it? This site will clue you in. He has disgraced the office of governor of Kah-lee-for-nee-ah — unless, of course, it’s just an amazing koh-een-see-deens. Any math majors want to take a run at calculating the odds of this happening by pure chance?

A slight mitigating factor: He sent this to the guy who heckled him with “kiss my gay ass” when he stopped by the San Fran Democratic Party a few weeks ago, although incivility in the heat of the moment is one thing and incivility in the course of official state business something else. Ah well. His political career will be over soon anyway. Exit question: If he had figured out a way to add a few lines starting with s-h-o-l-e after his signature, this would have become downright impressive, wouldn’t it? And darned Terminator-y!

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