War: New Club for Growth ad hits liberal Republican Scozzafava

If you missed our backgrounder on the NY-23 special election over the weekend, read it now, because we’re inching ever closer to a full-on civil war among big-name Republicans here. This new ad buy from the CFG adds another $300,000 to the $300,000 they’ve already sunk into Doug Hoffman’s campaign to match the $567,000 that Scozzafava’s received from the NRCC. Dick Armey’s on his way to the district to campaign for Hoffman as the “true conservative” choice; meanwhile, Peter King’s endorsing Scozzafava in the interest of party unity:

In a statement, King made the case that voting for Hoffman will only help Democrat Bill Owens win.

“Dede is the only Republican candidate in this race, and the only candidate with a proven record that Republicans can trust in Washington,” King said. “A vote for either of her opponents is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and her far-left, radical agenda.”

Not surprisingly, the CFG ad invokes the specter of Madam Speaker as a chief reason not to vote for Scozzafava. King’s not blowing smoke, though: As noted in Saturday’s post, Scozzafava led until Hoffman started surging, and now the Democrat’s up by a few points as GOP voters split between the two of them. Exit question via Stacy McCain: Why hasn’t Sarahcuda endorsed Hoffman yet? Doing so would irritate and potentially alienate the national leadership, but if she’s serious about fashioning herself as the “true conservative” outsider, here’s a golden opportunity. Maybe she figures it’s too much of a gamble for too little gain? If she shows up to stump for Hoffman and he loses, it’s a blow to her prestige. She’s probably just playing it safe.

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