Video: Glenn Beck goes off on Anita Dunn for 17 minutes

No, just kidding: It’s more like 12 minutes of replying to her lame spin on Friday that she was joking about Mao with another five about health care and guns tacked on to the end. Frankly, if I were her, I would have used that red phone — which is now being monitored by a guy in a Mao outfit, please note — to call and set him straight about what she really meant in that clip where she talked about controlling the media. (The same sort of control that Palin, wisely, is now trying to exert.) Beck seizes on the part where she says the campaign wanted reporters to cover what Obama said instead of “why” he said it, but in context I think all she means is that the press was forever obsessing about campaign tactics and strategy to the detriment of its coverage of policy. In other words, instead of reporting on the substance of his health-care plan, they’d focus on horse-race minutiae — e.g., “Why did Obama attack Hillary this way today?” That was a common complaint during the campaign, frankly; we made it here at HA too, even before the primaries had begun. I think she’s getting a bad rap on what she said/meant there.

As for him wondering why no one in the White House ever seems to praise a founding father, The One’s been known to mention Lincoln now and again, hasn’t he? Not strictly a founding father, granted, but the guy’s on the currency. Close enough.