Video: Someone's been a bad, bad boy


Richard Henne told reporters gathered outside his house that the experimental craft was designed so people could pull out of the garage and float above traffic on the way to work.

Falcon had been getting into the box that holds all the batteries, and Henne said he had yelled at him for doing that…

Falcon said: “I was in the attic. He scared me and he yelled at me. That’s why I went into the attic, because I thought I would get in trouble.”

Henne said the area above the garage is not like a true attic, but rafters and rough planks with drywall and PVC pipes sticking up. He said Falcon climbed up the pipe to get to his hiding place.

I guess that last bit explains how the cops missed him. Watch the clip, though: It sounds like the brothers deliberately punked their parents by videotaping the kid crawling into the balloon box as part of their story that he floated away. If this is a simple case of the little one panicking and hiding because he was afraid of being yelled at, what’s the brother’s excuse for lying?

As for how they found him, imagine this scene: “Mayumi [his mother] was reportedly sitting on the couch when her son walked into see her.” Exit quotation: “Anyone else think the whole nation fascinated by a hot air balloon that turned out to be empty just might be a little symbolic?”

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Update: Here’s a longer clip. They’re an … interesting family.