White House communications chief: Our favorite Fox News reporter is...

…not whom you would expect.

Anita Dunn, the communications director, who is leading up the White House’s rapid response effort, did point out to me that there was at least one Fox News employee who she considered an upstanding member of his profession. Did she call out Fox News Sunday’s Chris “Biggest Bunch of Crybabies” Wallace? Or Shepard “Public Option” Smith?

No and no. “We think Major Garrett is a legitimate reporter,” Dunn told me, referring to the network’s White House correspondent. Sorry Major, if that hurts your rep among certain parts of the Fox News viewership. I would add that I personally have a professional affinity for Major, since we are both alums of Mother Jones magazine. (Note to Glenn Beck: Mother Jones magazine is named for Mary Harris Jones, who was a socialist. Put this fact up on your chalkboard and I am sure you will quickly conclude that both Garrett and I constitute a KGB sleeper cell with White House press credentials–a clear threat to the republic. Or maybe not. Nothing wrong with asking questions. Etc.)

Seriously? The apple of the White House’s eye on Fox is Major Garrett? Isn’t there someone else on that network known for sneering at climate-change skeptics and oh, say, railing at Republican senators about the glories of the public option? Whose influence is, by most measures, a lot wider than Garrett’s?

I hope Shep’s working for the money and not the love. You were robbed, pardner.