Video: Candidate Obama knocks Musharraf for ... signing peace treaties with the Taliban

More flashback fun via Omri Ceren, remembering the days when the Taliban were an intractable jihadist opponent rather than the plucky band of Afghan patriots we’ve come to know and respect. I’m sure there are dozens more gold nuggets like this buried in the YouTube mines in case anyone wants to go digging. The comic prospect of watching Gibbs try to explain them away, perhaps by distinguishing the “bad” Pakistani Taliban from the “good” Afghan Taliban, should more than compensate you for your labor.

To meditate on while you watch, a new poll from Gallup/USA Today finds that 48 percent want more troops in Afghanistan, 38 percent want fewer troops, and just seven percent want to keep the number as is — which of course is what the Obama plan is shaping up to be. It’s one thing to lose men when you’re trying to win the war, it’s another to lose the war but save Americans’ lives in withdrawing, but it’s something else entirely to keep men in the line of fire with no hope of victory. And yet, here we are. Do note the partisan breakdown at the link, too. If Obama decides to follow McChrystal’s advice he’ll have the support of just 36 percent of Democrats — and 73 percent of Republicans. Remember that the next time a liberal comes crying to you about the GOP reflexively opposing everything The One does.

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