Video: Letterman apologizes to staff, wife, Sarah Palin

Via Breitbart. I wrote two posts yesterday about this train barreling down the track, so it’s only right that you get to see footage of the wreck. The Palin apology at the very end is treated as a joke, but console yourselves with this, ‘Cuda fans: I’m sure he was never sorry in the first place.

A weird poll result from Rasmussen:

Twenty-nine percent (29%) of Americans say they are less like to watch CBS’ “Late Night with David Letterman” following the talk show host’s admission that he has had affairs with women who work on the show.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that five percent (5%) say that Letterman’s disclosure of sexual misbehavior makes them more likely to watch the show, but 63% say it has no impact on their viewing decisions.

It’s quaint to think that nearly a third of the public’s ready to take a stand against adultery, but if that’s their red line for celebrity immorality, they’re leaving themselves some mighty thin entertainment options. In an age when any right-thinking Hollywood auteur is willing to sign his name to a petition in support of a fugitive child-rapist, Dave’s misdeeds are a low-level misdemeanor at best. Obligatory exit question: Who’s the five percent?

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