Video: SNL goofs on Obama for accomplishing nothing

Omitted from the “not done” checklist here: Stopping Iran, resisting the urge to nationalize giant car companies, and keeping deficit projections for the next decade under a trillion dollars annually. But those are all concerns of the right and, needless to say, that’s not where this skit is coming from, a point worth bearing in mind amid the grim enjoyment you’ll feel at seeing The One spoofed on national TV. Mainstream comedy has actually reached the point where their big goof on Barack Obama is that he’s not liberal enough.

Memo to Lorne Michaels: This impersonation, if it can even be called that, has now reached the depths of Chevy Chase’s “imitation” of Gerald Ford. You can’t bring in a freelancer for the Obama skits? Darrell Hammond in his Jesse Jackson get-up would be more convincing.