Question for McCain: Which part of Palin's book are you most looking forward to?

Interesting how, in answering it, he proceeds to volunteer his thoughts on the part he’s least looking forward to. Someone sounds nervous. Sarahcuda’s said enough flattering things about him in the past that I’m sure he’ll be held harmless in the book for the sins of his staffers, but I wonder what’ll happen if, as is expected, Meggie Mac’s forthcoming book takes a few swipes at her. Remember, La McCain has pointedly refused to talk about Palin in interviews, declaring her the one and only aspect of the campaign she won’t comment on, but she also told the Daily News there’ll be an entire chapter devoted to her in the book. Presumably it won’t all be flattering, in which case Maverick’s caught in the crossfire. In fact, with sales of Palin’s book expected to blow sky high on the strength of campaign dish, the temptation for Meghan and her publisher to use her own book to dispute Palin’s account of the campaign will be enormous. Calling the ‘Cuda a diva or a liar or both would earn her even more fawning media coverage than she’s used to and would be a major jolt for sales. And a major pain in the ass for McCain, needless to say. If it happens, how will he play it? Besides looking uncomfortable and muttering “I love them both,” I mean?

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