Lindsey Graham on Glenn Beck: "Only in America can you make that much money crying"

Presented without comment. Except to note that he did, in fact, stick up for the grassroots on certain topics at this same event. A nice point:

But he insisted that the demagoguery and wild emotions were prevalent to the fringes of both political parties. “There are people out there saying crazy things on our side of the aisle,” he said, “there were people saying crazy things about President Bush. That’s just the way it is. ”

And he insisted that the opposition to Obama was (largely) not based in racial politics.

“How can you go from [the election],” he asked, “and then have a race problem a few months later? There are people in this party who are having a tough time reconciling having a black president…. But most of these people carrying around crazy signs would applaud Alan Keyes. They are very passionate about their politics and if Alan Keyes spoke at their conference they go through the roof.”

Speaking of Keyes and his hobbyhorses, below the Graham clip you’ll find something related from last night’s Conan. Enjoy.

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