Video: Moron who accused GOP of wanting sick people to "die quickly" not sorry

Yes, it’s Teacups again, doing his level best to extend that 15 minutes. Why a guy who supports a bill that will inevitably lead to rationing should want to lecture anyone about causing early death is beyond me, just as it’s beyond me why a member of the pro-choice party would dare invite a debate about comparative “holocausts in America.” But here we are. Cue the outrageous outrage from the GOP:

“Alan Grayson not only refuses to apologize, he is doubling down on his despicable remarks and he is dragging his party with him, said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “This is an individual who has established a pathological pattern of unstable behavior.”

More from Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer:

What we have seen over the course of the last 24 hour is a Congressman who is completely consumed with his own spotlight and has absolutely no respect for the citizens who elected him. I am more and more appalled with every twisted turn of the Alan Grayson roll coaster. It’s time for Congressman Grayson to leave the amusement park and go back to work for the people of Central Florida.

Kudos for working the Disney World allusions in there. If I were a lefty blogger, this would be the point where I issue an Important Action Alert demanding an influx of donations to Grayson’s opponent in order to sate my quivering nutroots rage. As it is, I just can’t take this guy seriously enough to care. Shouldn’t we keep him around for comic relief? Do you really want to dump someone who gets his policy ideas from riding Space Mountain? Speaking in my professional capacity as a man forever in search of Democrats to ridicule, I issue a resounding no.

Jazz Shaw Jul 06, 2022 9:01 AM ET