Video: The obligatory SNL Glenn Beck parody

Just a few seconds’ worth in a longer goof on Obama’s media ubiquity, but it comes recommended by the man himself. The target here, needless to say, is the now famous “oligarchy” segment, but what makes it funny is the rendering of Beck’s “mocking” voice. It’s high time they devoted to an entire skit to him, although it’d take an exceptionally shrewd writer to do a good job of that. He’s easy to parody broadly — manic affect, lots of conspiracy theories, the chalkboard, something involving animals or lighting people on fire — but I think it’d be hard to do something trenchant. They’re bound to try sooner or later.

The whole clip’s worth watching, incidentally. The Paterson skits continue to make me laugh, if only from shock at the fact that they’re willing to do blind jokes unapologetically, and I’ve made enough cracks about Obama eventually appearing on the Food Network during his endless media tours that it’s fun to finally see that scenario come to life. Exit question: Who does the interviewer from MTV remind you of? And I don’t mean Kristin Cavallari.

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David Strom 8:41 PM on January 30, 2023