Chavez on Obama at the UN: Can you smell the hope?

We don’t call him the Evil Clown for nothing.

Chavez spent the first 20 minutes of his speech asserting that a revolution is under way in South America and promoting an Oliver Stone film that depicts his life as well as other South American leaders.

He then began taking political shots at his former rival.

Chavez joked that he hoped no one would throw a shoe at him, a reference to Bush ducking at a shoe hurled at him during a visit to Iraq last year, and laughed that he thought the Cuban official at his U.N. desk was preparing to remove his shoes.

Best part of this clip: Susan Rice shaking her head in disapproval, as if the hope/sulfur comparison wasn’t the entire subtext of Obama’s campaign and isn’t precisely the point of his repulsive treatment of Honduras for daring to boot the autocratic Chavista scumbag in their midst. Cowboy unilateralist George Bush would have antagonized Latin American tyrants by standing behind Micheletti, ergo Obama must stand against him. That’s Hopenchange for you, baby. Smell it.

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