Fox News poll: Obama's credibility on health care pretty much shot

Not the worst numbers he’s had this summer, but to see this much skepticism on this many aspects of ObamaCare this late in the game — and after his Beyond Thunderdome speech to Congress — is simply devastating. I’m going to tick them off rapid fire here while saving the punchline for the end.


Do you favor/oppose the current plan: -10 (38/48, up from 34/49 last month)
Will seniors be better/worse off under the plan: -11 (23/34)
Will your family be better/worse off: -14 (22/36)
Do you prefer ObamaCare/the current system: -9 (37/46)
Do you favor/oppose requiring everyone to buy insurance: -12 (42/54)
Would you want coverage from ObamaCare/private insurance if you were seriously ill: -42 (20/62 overall, 35/40 among Dems)
Is it possible/not possible that ObamaCare won’t add a dime to the deficit: -39 (28/67)
Under ObamaCare, will you be able to keep your plan/be forced to make changes: -24 (36/60)
Do you think the public option would not/would put private insurers out of business: -11 (41/52)

And now the punchline: The sample was 42% Democrat, 31% Republican, and 21% Independent. Even in a poll where respondents tilt blue, The One can’t do better than negatives across the board. (The partisan gap in last month’s sample was much narrower, which may help explain why Republicans actually lost five points in the generic ballot in this new one.)

One more data point for you. Repeat as necessary: Health-care reform is a major crisis and the most urgent domestic priority of our time.

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