Good news: Eight percent of New Jersey residents think Obama's the Antichrist

Forgive a nonbeliever his ignorance, but isn’t the Antichrist supposed to have more sinister priorities than, um, running up deficits? The seventh seal shatters, the trumpet sounds, and the beast emergeth … to pass a stimulus bill?

If it’s eight percent in Jersey, what must it be in more conservative, religious states? Fifteen?

Those are the only numbers you’ll see touted on MSNBC tonight, I assure you, but dig deeper in the crosstabs and you’ll find plenty of nuance. If the Antichrist nuttiness is yet another twisted manifestation of white racism towards Obama — which is surely how it’ll be spun — what are we to make of the breakdown by race?

The results of the birth certificate question are also interesting. Overall numbers on whether Obama was born in the U.S…

…and the numbers by race:

No statistical difference between whites and Hispanics. As for Truthers, yes, they polled that too. Overall numbers on the question of whether Bush had “advance knowledge” of 9/11 — which, alas, is ambiguously worded, since it could be understood as asking merely whether the U.S. had any intel about a plot in the works:

And the breakdown by race:

Note that the split among Democrats on Trutherism is almost a mirror image of the split among Republicans on Birtherism. Bear it in the mind the next time the media frets about fringe nuts taking over the GOP. Exit question: Were Democrats ever polled on whether Bush was the Antichrist during his presidency? He clearly was the root of all evil in the left’s cosmology, but even so, would secularists go so far as to anoint him the Biblical Master of Lies? Weigh in, liberal theologians!

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