New ACORN video: Murder in California?

I’ve been checking Big Government since 4 p.m. for the new clip but it looks like they’re going to wait and roll it out simultaneously with Beck’s show on Fox, which I assume pretty much all of you will be watching. Here’s your thread to comment. The rumors of what’s on this new one are scandalous, but they’re still only rumors — for a few more minutes at least. I’ll post the clips here as soon as they’re available.


Over/under on how many questions the community-organizer-in-chief gets about ACORN during his Sunday morning media blitz: One. Stand by for updates.

Update: Here we go.

Looks like we’ve got a confession to either murder or manslaughter in the very first minute here. Can’t wait for that House vote on whether to keep funding this syndicate.

Update: And now, within the second minute, we’ve got a death threat from the murderer/manslaughterer.

Update: I’m not even halfway through and this woman’s spitting out names of California pols she claims to regularly “lobby.” Boxer is among them.

Update: The first clip ends with her confessing to having run a prostitution ring of her very own and, naturally, not declaring a dime of the proceeds to the IRS. Presumably ACORN’s defense will be that this woman’s full-blown nuts and is spinning a yarn to impress her clients, but (a) she sure is specific about dollar amounts, and (b) San Bernardino PD will have something to say about her ex, I’m guessing. Stand by while we wait for the next clip, which I’ll post below.

Update: It’s 6 p.m. and they still haven’t posted the next vid. Maybe they’re saving it for tomorrow? If so, two parting thoughts for now. One: Giles dropped a big hint in her BG post this afternoon that this isn’t the last office they visited. Which makes sense. Why go to the trouble of flying out to the coast to visit only San Bernardino? Two: As sensational as the details about murder are, don’t let that swallow up the larger story about the pattern of conspiracy in covering up sex trafficking that O’Keefe and Giles keep finding at ACORN offices. The murder stuff might not be true or she might already have done her time or, although it sounds unlikely, it might have been a legitimate case of self-defense. ACORN apologists are desperate to change the subject and this may end up giving them a chance. As O’Keefe reminds us, Alinsky Rule #8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”


Update: A clever point from Goldfarb. If ACORN believes all these videos are doctored, why are they firing the employees involved?

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