Jimmy Carter: The "overwhelming" portion of animosity towards Obama is racist

Deep thoughts from the guy whose book on Israel was most recently plugged by, um, Osama Bin Laden. I’m tempted to tout Jesse Walker’s Reason piece for the third time today on HA as an explanation for Jimmeh’s cynicism here, but I can’t quite do it. The difference between Carter and most of the left, I think, is that he really believes this crap. And, to boot, he really believes he’s doing good by mentioning it rather than poisoning race relations by equating opposition to government expansion with white supremacism.

It’s pointless to try to explain to people like this that they’re well well well into “boy who cried wolf” territory when it comes to the race card, but Brit Hume’s going to try. You’ll find the clip of that below the Carter video.

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Update (Ed): Just FYI, conservative blogs seem to be plagued at the moment by trolls using racially inflammatory language as a way to make Carter’s point. We’ve warned about this before, but I’ll say it again — people making racist comments in these threads will get banned with no warning and no debate. If you can’t make your point without dropping the “N” word or a variant, then hit the road. I’ve deleted several such comments, as well as responses that excerpted the language.

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