Fox News posts full, unedited video of sting on ACORN San Bernardino

I’m not sure why Breitbart, O’Keefe, and Giles are holding back part two of their vid when FNC already has the whole hour-long escapade up on its site, but people are starved for more so I’ll feed you what I have. Below you’ll find no fewer than seven clips: The first three are of Beck commenting on the lowlights of the tapes from today’s special all-ACORN episode and the last four comprise what appears to be the complete unedited video — sans subtitles and narration — from the office visit. One interesting bit not included in the clip that we watched earlier but flagged by Beck is of “Theresa” insisting that her supervisor would never go in for this sort of deal … before suggesting that she might have a racket like this going on on the side herself.

No reaction to tonight’s latest bombshell from ACORN thus far, and no further word from the House GOP about pushing to defund the organization. It’s awfully quiet out there.


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