CBS poll: Support for ObamaCare up 12 points since last week

Enjoy it while it lasts, champ, because no one — including liberal Democrats — thinks it will. Last week it was 40/47, today it’s 52/38 with 85 percent of Dems approving of how he’s handled health care. And yet, even in an otherwise upbeat poll, only 22 percent think O-Care will end up helping them. 27 percent think it’ll do more harm than good and 42 percent think it’ll have no effect. Such is the state of excitement about solving the great “crisis” of our time.

CBS sampled 648 adults randomly. What do you get when you sample likely voters, as Rasmussen does? Something … different:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national tracking survey shows that 46% favor the plan and 51% are opposed. The survey was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday nights. The previous two-day sample, conducted Tuesday and Wednesday nights, found that 44% favored the plan while 53% were opposed…

Eighty percent (80%) of Democrats now support the health care plan, up from 72% in the previous survey results. Support among Republicans declined two points while support among those not affiliated with either major party rose by a single percentage point…

The speech also increased enthusiasm for the plan. Thirty percent (30%) now Strongly Favor the legislation and 39% are Strongly Opposed. In the previous survey, 27% Strongly Favored the plan and 41% Strongly Opposed. In August, those numbers were 23% and 43% respectively.

He got a small bounce in the number of people who “strongly approve” of him too, but he’s still below 50 percent overall. So there you go. Figure on him picking up another two or three points over the weekend as the media hype settles, which means at a fleeting moment when support for ObamaCare is at its strongest among people who’ll decide the midterms next year — i.e. likely voters — The One’s struggling just to pull a bare majority. Soon liberals and moderates will start freaking out anew over the public option and then the erosion will begin again. The only thing he can do now to keep Democrats from tearing each other’s throats out is to give them some Republican throats to tear at instead, which, as Karl noted yesterday, is why his speech was so partisan and why the media will continue to wet itself over Joe Wilson for as long as it can. The longer this Two Minutes Hate goes on, the more unified Democrats will stay. Hooray for “angry mobs” and their congressional ringleaders!