Open thread: Obama on ObamaCare -- even better the 800th time around

Alternate headline: “Let me be clear: You’ve heard all of this sh*t already.” 8 p.m. ET across the dial — except Fox, of course. The time to act is now, my friends, in much the same way that the time to act was in July before anyone had a chance to read the bill, attend a town hall, have a finger bitten off, or be called a subhuman by the Democratic leadership for daring to yell at them in a public forum. The topic tonight is policy but as you watch keep in mind the ocean of demagoguery the left used over the last month to try to wash away the grassroots revolt. Every time Obama sneers at the naysayers for incivility, remember that his toadies in Congress took to calling people like you “evil-mongers” — and he still has yet to open his fat mouth to say one word against them.

As I write this, more rumblings are coming from pro-life Blue Dogs that if they don’t get an up-or-down vote on banning abortion funding from the final bill, they’ll walk. I’m skeptical, but flag it for head-counting purposes in the days to come. As for the GOP response tonight, it smells like a bust. They’re taking the approach of conceding that the public wants some sort of reform while insisting that a statist solution is all wrong. I would have taken a more Hannan-esque line: You’ve run out of our money, Barry, and the very last thing that’s going to solve that problem is kick-starting another destined-for-bankruptcy bloated federal boondoggle. It’s like trying to repair a house that’s creaking and dilapidated by hitting it with a wrecking ball.

To set the mood, enjoy an ObamaCare pep talk from one of the least likeable spokespeople on the media/entertainment landscape. I can’t even imagine the thought process that went into picking this guy for this cause; unless it’s Rock the Vote’s way of trying to sabotage The One, it’s unfathomable. How dispiriting it must be to write for a popular site knowing full well that many of your readers either barely tolerate you or hate your guts. I’m glad I don’t know anyone like that! Content warning.