Quotes of the day

“‘As we’ve seen before, succumbing to these types of propaganda attacks from the right wing only emboldens the aggressors. This controversy will go away and they will trump up another one tomorrow,’ said David Brock, founder and chairman of Media Matters for America, a group that has taken on conservative commentators. ‘No good comes from appeasing a lunatic bully like Glenn Beck.'”

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the movies, it’s that ‘The United States of America does not negotiate with terrorists.’ Yet this White House is willing to let these psychological terrorists set the terms of the debate and negotiate from their insane positions…

I’m heartbroken over Van’s departure because it’s these little meaningless concessions that undermine people’s faith in the system. You get folks all riled up about change. You empower a man who embodies that change. And they you let him be run out of office by f*cking Glenn Beck? So Glenn Beck is running the White House now? Is that how it’s gonna be? Just tell me that I knocked on all those doors for nothing, and I can start the grieving process, but don’t pretend this will solve anything.

I can’t help but look at this spineless response and see it in contrast to the previous administration. You know how gangsta they are? DICK CHENEY IS STILL TALKING SMACK!”