Audio: Multitalented Truther/communist/Obama czar also a record producer

Via Verum Serum, a golden oldie from the vault of Freedom Fighter Music, for which Jones’s Ella Baker Center for Human Rights was a “sponsoring non-profit.” The man himself has a cameo around 3:45 calling for a Palestinian right of return, which, once this gets picked up in Israel, should drop The One’s approval rating there to … actually, it can’t get any lower than it is now, can it? Either way, it’s got a great beat and you can dance call for the end of Zionism to it.

Below that, via Breitbart, more leftist faux profundity about “soulful activism” that would warrant an extra-smirky segment on Rachel Maddow if it came from someone like Newt Gingrich but is treated with utmost seriousness as uttered by our hero. Even Bob Beckel and the Daily News are calling on Obama to pull the trap door on this tool already, but the more I see of him, the less inclined I am to agree. He’s a bottomless well of fringe-left idiocy, a year’s worth of easy bloggy content at least and a GOP campaign commercial in the making. Stay strong, Barry! Better yet, give him a cabinet position. We might just take back the Senate after all. Content warning.