Video: The totally obligatory "Glenn Beck rubs Obama's face in Van Jones's Trutherism" clip

He held off on talking about it until halfway through the show in order to give the White House a chance to respond. They didn’t — but they’re going to. You’d better flush this Truther turd, Barry, or it’ll be a righty talking point every time any liberal opens their mouth to whine about Birtherism or some other form of conservative kookery for the next four years.

Capitalizing on the buzz, Fox has a print piece out tonight recounting Jones’s greatest hits. My favorite bit:

“In this environment, I think the Obama administration should be very careful of its dealings with anybody who can be labeled communist accurately,” said Christopher C. Hull, an adjunct government professor at Georgetown University who runs the public affairs firm Issue Management.

“That’s just going to play to the political sensibility that those on the right have that the Obama administration is socialist, literally socialist. … It is unwise to bring in people who actually do label themselves socialist or communist.”

Yes, let us take care to guard against fueling the crazy wingnut notion, seemingly pulled from thin air, that Obama is soft on radicals whom he thinks “mean well.”

GB starts slow here and remains relatively restrained throughout, but his question near the end is a good one. If you believe Bush was responsible for mass murder of American civilians, why didn’t you flee the country or organize an armed revolt? How casual do you have to be about high treason to prioritize lefty crap like “green jobs” or lowering carbon emissions above seeking justice against the government for killing your countrymen? The answer, I suspect: Most Truthers may not really believe it. It’s a pseudo-intellectual pose, just like Jones’s fondness for communism is. At best, then, he’s a poseur idiot who didn’t have the good sense not to sign his name to a petition at 9/11 Truth. At worst, he’s an even bigger idiot who actually believes the “Loose Change” version of history. Either way, time to go.