Democrat: Republicans hate ObamaCare because they're racists. Also, Castro's a genius.

Pro-ObamaCare + pro-Castro = one crazy delicious GOP attack ad. The boss has been tracking Diane Watson’s race-baiting for years, but there’s one nuance to this she doesn’t mention: Watson endorsed Clinton over Obama last year, and therefore presumably knows only too well how energized the conservative response to HillaryCare was 15 years ago. How can it be racist to oppose a black president’s program after opposing the same program proposed by a white president? Unclear, but consider this a fresh, exciting addition to our “national conversation on race.”

Also, I like the way she warns about America becoming a “failed state” if Obama’s agenda doesn’t succeed before praising Cuba in the next breath. Your ideas are intriguing to me, congresswoman, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Exit question: She’s lifting her talking points here directly from Fidel himself, isn’t she?