McCain: You might be seeing the beginning of a peaceful revolt in America

Via Greg Hengler. I hear this rhetoric a lot from Glenn Beck fans and have no idea what it means in practice. A third party? Good luck with that. Returning the GOP to power? Okay, but if the “revolt” is about fiscal conservatism, you may not like what you get on, oh, say, Medicare. Some sort of constitutional change, per the public’s collapsing trust in Congress’s basic competence? Exactly what would that entail? As I recall, an awful lot of conservatives were energized during the amnesty battle two years ago too, choking congressional switchboards for weeks with angry phone calls. How’d that “revolt” work out at the ballot box last year?

That’s the first clip. The second clip, also via Hengler, is self-explanatory. Incidentally, note how many senior citizens are in the audience and then check out the table Jay Cost just posted. If the Democrats aren’t worried about the midterms, they should be.