Gallup: Obama's weekly average approval rating hits new low

Via Geoff A., behold the wages of ObamaCare: A 10-point drop in approval since June, shrinking The One’s s spread from 62/31 to just 52/41 now. I’m not sure how he expects to rebound, either. In all likelihood he’ll end up with a watered-down health-care bill that pleases no one; meanwhile, he has to deal with Holder’s divisive crusade against the CIA, the possibility of a double-dip recession, escalation of a war in Afghanistan whose support is crumbling, and of course the bombshell that’s set to burst officially tomorrow about another $2 trillion being added to the White House’s deficit projections. Things are, it’s safe to say, well and truly wee-wee’d up.

Note the data point below. Now you know why Michael Steele’s suddenly a big fan of Medicare.

The other demographic that’s showing a steep drop-off? Households that earn $90,000 or more, down eight points in just two weeks as they brace themselves to be soaked in fulfillment of The One’s utopian dreams. Exit question: How soon before Obama follows Clinton’s lead and embraces the small-government centrist Democrat within? Not before the midterms, I’d guess.