Oh my: Obama being called a fascist now ... on Air America

Via Red State, proof positive that there are some Obama lies so shameless that even the left won’t spin them for him. This is Naked Emperor News’s second video on The One’s oh-so-shady backroom deal with the pharmaceutical lobby; the first one was entitled “Obama’s Mother of All Political Lies,” a description I don’t agree with but which Air America apparently does. Watching this, it’s not just the dishonesty of his campaign promises that galls, it’s the sanctimony he displayed in misleading his cultists to believe things would be drastically different under Hopenchange. The pandering during the Billy Tauzin clip in particular is enough to make you queasy. Like the lady says, “a charming liar.”

File the fascist bit at the end away for the next time David Letterman or MSNBC or whoever wrings their hands about heated rhetoric at the town-hall protests.