Obama to Planned Parenthood in 2007: "Reproductive care" is at the center of my health-care plan

Yet another case of our savior being unable to get his story straight. Via Ace, here he is yesterday pandering to religious leaders. Mind you, even the Associated Press grudgingly admitted two weeks ago that the current House bill would use tax money for abortions.

In a late Wednesday conference call with several left-wing faith groups that supported his presidential bid, President Barack Obama claimed it is a “fabrication” and “distraction” to say abortion funding is included in the health care reform plans pending in Congress.

He said it is false to suggest that the government-run health care plan he favors would result in “government funding of abortions,” and that this is “untrue.”

And here he is two years ago using dainty abortion euphemisms to promise a group that already gets $350 million in taxpayer money each year that the cash will keep flowing under ObamaCare, per our little “partnership” agreement with God. Does this guy really not understand why so many people are suspicious of his intentions with health-care reform? He’s following the same shady pattern here as he did with the public option and single-payer: He tells the country one thing, then video of his ideological allies contradicting him starts to come out, then inevitably some older video of Obama himself contradicting his current position emerges. Given his hardline support for abortion and the sort of barely coded promise to his base that you see below, why would anyone trust him not to use ObamaCare to start paying for it? (Besides Doug Kmiec, I mean.) And given the inertia towards waste and bankruptcy in any government program, why would anyone trust ObamaCare to work at all? Fun fact: Increasingly, they don’t.